Brisbane September Market Update

Every where I go at the moment, people are asking me about the market in Brisbane and while I can only comment on the present, there are some indicators that this hot market is going to stick around for at least a few more months.

Firstly, Brisbane does not have ‘one’ property market and it's an important piece of information for the puzzle. As someone who sells in the inner suburbs within 10km of the CBD, the market is even varied from suburb to suburb as well as depending on the type of property.

Migration will actually be a big factor in the next few months as Australians looking to migrate to other states are more likely to relocate to Queensland than to any other state with our current COVID status being so low.

Houses have remained buoyant in the marketplace as expected, however properties within some of the smaller unit complexes with green space available are now also seeing some moderate gains as people opt to purchase a home rather than continuing to rent, or moving out of the family home.

RP Data statistics show that Brisbane has 2.19% gain over the past three months and this would be due to a mixture of the above factors. It's a brilliant time to sell and take your Tax Free money onto your next real estate adventure.

I am STILL looking for more property to sell at the moment as there is VERY LITTLE STOCK but LOTS OF BUYERS looking to purchase a new home. Please call me if you would like to know more or see the last page of this newsletter to see my referral program.

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