How do we market your home for sale?

First of all, before we delve into this topic, there's something we need to talk about...

I get asked regularly if I've got any properties (listings) on my books which aren't going to be listed online and will be sold "off-market".

There's a myth out there among some property owners and potential buyers that the best prices or the best properties are found by agents secretly selling to a small pool of buyers which agents are keeping on the back-burner in their 1980's style Rolodex. 

I'm going to bust that myth wide open for you right now. We are in the year 2020, it's the future already, and 99.99% of interested, qualified and keen buyers are online and searching for property while they are one their phone, at the office on their desktop, or double-screening on their laptop while they laze on the couch.

They are NOT waiting by the phone for a real estate agent to call them about a property that so perfectly fits their search criteria that a computer algorithm couldn't have done the matching any better. 

Now you know the big secret, we can talk about the reality of marketing your property for sale.


So we know that all the people who are looking for property and are serious, qualified and keen are looking online at a fair few real estate sales websites to find a huge variety of homes which suit their exact specifications for what they are looking for in their new potential home.

Putting it out to the bigger sites like and as well as our own website at (and this one you're reading right now) as well as ALL the other smaller sites with less of the market share are absolutely imperative to getting the most people looking at your property and dreaming about how perfect it is for them.

A HUGE colour sign with pretty pictures of the inside or back aspect are imperative to ensuring that nobody could miss seeing your home as they drive past on their daily commute, or on the way to local school, or even on their way to the shops. Everyone needs to know you are selling so that your agent can get as many people through the door on Open Home day.


Professional photography, an accurate floor plan and site plan along with well-researched information for the online listing is imperative to ensuring we show potential buyers that we know all the important information when they ask the inevitable questions we expect.

The day before your first Open Home, your agent should be delivering flowers, brochures and all the other items which are essential to a successful first inspection at your home. The scene should be set that this is a fresh and inviting space where extra care has been taken to ensure that everything there is at it's absolute best.

There are numerous ways in which we make sure your home is marketed to achieve the maximum reach, the most people through the door at Open Homes and private inspections; all culminating with the best price in market.

From social media to targeted Google advertising placements, we have so many amazing avenues open to us to market your property and get as many of the *right* eyes looking at your home. BUT we don't just throw money at every avenue and hope that something sticks.

We have specifically tailored marketing campaigns for YOUR property and options for every stage  of the campaign, depending on what we decide on together at our listing appointment and throughout the time we work together on the sale.

If you want more information - give me a call and we can talk through all the information!

Thinking of selling, renovating or renting your property?

I am happy to come and see you to give you an appraisal with no obligation. An appraisal with me can give you expert industry knowledge about what’s happening in the local area of your property, information about any recent changes in the market along with some examples of what services

you can choose when selling or renting your property with us.

​With a fair and ethical mindset, you can be sure that together we achieve the best possible sale or rental experience for you and your future!


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