Brisbane Market Update - May 2020

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I know you won't be surprised to hear this, but the Brisbane property market is going through an interesting time at the moment. While I'm certainly not an economist, we can't put blinkers on to the fact that some major economic shifts have happened and will continue to move over the coming months and years across Australia and the world.

We are yet to see the effects on the Brisbane market, and if an person were to ask me what the market will look like in the near future, my answer would be the same:

I don't have a crystal ball and therefore I honestly can not see the future. However, I can see the present and my data for our inner Brisbane area tells me that there are A LOT OF BUYERS still looking for a home. 

Conversely, there is VERY LITTLE STOCK on the market for them to choose from so when I have been presenting offers to sellers, there have still been multiple offers to choose from.

If you'd like to find out more about what's happening RIGHT NOW in the market - give me a call on 0458 912 906. Happy to talk real estate any time!​

I am looking for houses to sell at the moment as all my listings have sold very quickly recently. If you know someone who is thinking of selling or would like some advice, don't forget my referral offer of $500 for the shop of your choosing if you send a friend my way and their property SELLS with me!

Thinking of selling, renovating or renting your property?

I am happy to come and see you to give you an appraisal with no obligation. An appraisal with me can give you expert industry knowledge about what’s happening in the local area of your property, information about any recent changes in the market along with some examples of what services you can choose when selling or renting your property with us.

​With a fair and ethical mindset, you can be sure that together we achieve the best possible sale or rental experience for you and your future!


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