Neighbours are our best assets!

I don't need to tell you what a strange time we've been experiencing during the last few weeks and months - it's impossible to miss the news on TV, online, through social media and with every person you talk to.

This has really helped me to remember my roots in the community and embrace my neighbourhood once again (albeit from a physical distance). With my husband as a front line health worker, we were expecting the worst and our neighbours who know us were kind enough to bring us home baked treats, lots of lovely messages and offers of a chat and a wine through the fence before dinner. These small acts of kindness have made the lock-down a little bit easier and I hope that you also have some wonderful people in your neighbourhood who have helped you feel less isolated and more connected.

If you would like me to come over and see your home to give you some pointers on styling, selling or any potential renovations you might be thinking of doing - give me a call and I'm happy to pop over and see you. We obviously are observing all social distancing measures and I am more than happy to sit outside in the fresh air to chat, or we can Facetime from afar if you prefer.​

Lots of love to you, and your neighbours!

Thinking of selling, renovating or renting your property?

I am happy to come and see you to give you an appraisal with no obligation. An appraisal with me can give you expert industry knowledge about what’s happening in the local area of your property, information about any recent changes in the market along with some examples of what services you can choose when selling or renting your property with us.

​With a fair and ethical mindset, you can be sure that together we achieve the best possible sale or rental experience for you and your future!


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