Thinking of selling mid renovation

Sometimes things don't work out in the way we imagined. You might have bought a house or apartment intending to keep it as your forever home, but sometimes our plans change. Whatever the reason, if you're thinking of selling your house mid-renovation we're here to help. some things that need to be considered are:

The Market

We've been dealing with a lot of buyers in search of an incomplete house after a successful sale of a home mid-renovation this year in Salisbury. Get in touch with our team, and we'll be able to have a chat to you about the market in your area and whats involved in selling your house mid-renovation or whether it may be better to hold onto the property. You can either find an alternative way to finance the project and complete your renovation or wait until the market picks up again.

Finishing as much as you can

Get the most out of your remaining budget to prepare your home for the market. Specific spaces like kitchens and master bedrooms affect the price of a house more than, for example, the spare bedroom. If there are spaces you can't finish, then ensure they look as tidy and presentable as you can for the property pictures. Consider using cheaper alternatives for fixtures, paints, and fittings that will help make your property look finished without diminishing the overall impact of your design. Concentrate what resources you have into boosting the sales price.

Consider your price tag

Selling your house mid-renovation will likely mean you need to readjust your ideal price. The calculations you had made for your finished house will be irrelevant if the project is incomplete. The price tag needs to be realistic within the current market, so be flexible. Potential buyers may try to use the half-finished renovations to negotiate the cost down further, so consider the lowest price too.

If you're thinking of selling and need some helpful advice, get in touch with Kath Chown today.

Thinking of selling your property?

I am happy to come and see you to give you an appraisal with no obligation. An appraisal with me can give you expert industry knowledge about what’s happening in the local area of your property, information about any recent changes in the market along with some examples of what services you can choose when selling your property with us.

With a fair and ethical mindset, you can be sure that together we achieve the best possible sale experience for you and your future!


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