What is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is someone who assists you in finding and purchasing property.  They are engaged by the buyer and represent them wholly and solely in the purchasing side of the property transaction.

Purchasing a property is a significant and often a life-altering decision that can be very stressful. It can also be the largest financial commitment you will ever make with many stages throughout the process. Given this, accessing expert knowledge and experience via a reputable and licensed buyer's agent can be a really great option for people who need help in the buying process.

One thing which we are noticing in the market, is the volume of Buyer's Agents who are contacting us about their current clients who are desperately searching for a home to purchase. With the small amount of stock available right now, along with a confident buyer pool, there is a huge strength in the market to capitalise on when selling your home with the supply low and demand high.

Home owners who have been thinking of moving have been uncertain about bringing their home to market, but with the current wave of buyers who have been looking since at least March of this year, we have an incredible buoyancy and, in most cases, growth in sale prices due to the tight cache of stock.

Buyer’s Agent’s should have a good working relationship with Sales Agents as this is a very important tool in finding and negotiating property. These strong relationships will be very important as experienced Buyers Agents could be showing their clients through listings before they hit the general market which is definitely a major advantage. We have a list of excellent buyer's agents who we have dealt with before should you consider this to be something you need to help you with the location and negotiation of the purchase of property.

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