When is the right time to sell?

It's true what they say - *time in* the market is better than *timing* the market.Over time, every property market has fluctuations which coincide with outside influences, whether they are political, financial or other matters out of our direct control. However, over a longer period of time, property value invariably goes UP.

If you are timing the right time to sell your property, I could quote Warren Buffett and say "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful."

But the property market is not just about money, and you are probably not Warren Buffett.

To be honest, there are all sorts of sensationalised headlines all over the news on TV, in print and on your homepage which will tell you one thing today and completely contradict themselves tomorrow. To ensure you've got your head in the game and you know a little bit about the true temperature of the market today, do your homework and get skilled help

Look at sold prices, not just properties which are listed for sale.

Don't fall into the trap of looking at properties for sale - they haven't sold yet so you don't truly know what they are worth! Check out sold properties and what prices they achieved. Did they sell last month, last year or a few years ago? Then try to evaluate how your property compares today. Have me over and I will show you how an agent appraises a property's value and show you some tricks on how to do your own research.

Do you want to sell? Or do you need to sell?

If you want to test the market, you can prepare your home for sale, pay the advertising costs and get as many potential buyers looking at your home as possible to get a good indication of when your home could be worth.

But if you *have* to sell due to a change in circumstances, then it doesn't matter about whether the market is up, down or flat - the right time for you to sell is now!

Choose a great agent with a team of professionals to help you.

If you're wondering if you should sell your home or investment, I am able to come over to your place and help you make the right decision. With my team of industry professionals, I can give you pointers on what you can change or update in your home to ensure that you are ready for any market, set to achieve the best sale price!

Even if you're not thinking of selling yet, my advice can save you thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars at the beginning by ensuring you spend your precious money in the right places. And I will make you much more on that investment when the time comes to sign a contract accepting an offer with the best price in market!

Thinking of selling, renovating or renting your property?

I am happy to come and see you to give you an appraisal with no obligation. An appraisal with me can give you expert industry knowledge about what’s happening in the local area of your property, information about any recent changes in the market along with some examples of what services you can choose when selling or renting your property with us.

​With a fair and ethical mindset, you can be sure that together we achieve the best possible sale or rental experience for you and your future!

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